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The Concept

you are the star !!!!!!!!

Ever dreamt performing your favourite song with a live-band?

On a real stage ?

In front of a live audience and bathing in the spotlights ?

Backed-up by a real live band and real backing-vocals?

We make your dream come true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just pick your song from the list in advance through our internet-site in advance or choose your song from the list just before or during the concert.

We will welcome you on stage,provide the lyrics of your song on a personal monitor and a big screen.

We will support you mentally and musicallyon stage.

And than it's up to you…..

Because…….You are the star !!!!!!!

Ever wanted to give a stunning version of  I feel good by James Brown together with your own Brownettes?

Just do it !!!

You're a little bit older but you can show off by singing Jailhouse Rock in front of a bunch of wild-going teenagers?

 You want to impress your boss by singing Nine-to-five by Dolly Parton?

Too shy to sing alone??? Pick Abba , The Beatles....,

Sing the ultimate lovesong for your lover in the audience...

Alternative ……something by Blur....

These dreams can come true…
The band will play it.

Because … YOU ARE THE STAR !!!!